PRAISE from a few of Loree's CLIENTS

Kara B.

"I love Loree as a coach. The coaching process with her exceeded my expectations in a way I wasn’t expecting. One of the best things about it was feeling I could be entirely frank with her and know there was no judgement while I worked through my thoughts and wild ideas... Hold on tight, get organized, and be ready to dig deep!..." (to continue click "Read More")

Freddie Maese

"I was blessed to begin my healing and life coaching journey almost 10 years ago along side of Loree. Through the years she's not only served as a sound minded friend, but her resounding insight led me to begin working with her as my coach to further myself in life. Together we've tackled my life issues..." (to continue click "Read More")

Jeri Steward-Black

"Loree created a custom retainer package to suit my particular needs and goals. My custom, 30-day coaching package included weekly, one-hour sessions along with the option to contact her between sessions as needed. Awesome! I was able to contact her by email or text for questions..." (to continue click "Read More")

Bridgett Zehnder

"I enlisted the expertise of Loree because she has been coaching for many years and has vast knowledge of what it takes to make things happen. While I received great training and support through my school, I wanted more...The first session with Loree was incredible..." (to continue click "Read More")

Amanda Hulse

“…What I found I like the most about being coached by Loree is that she’s 100% non-judgmental… I always came away with several possible new solutions to work with when I just hadn’t seen any available beforehand… I gained confidence in myself and a feeling that I am capable to overcome my challenges…” (to continue click "Read More")

Debbie Lebsock

"My time spent with Loree has changed my life for the best in so many ways... I am a much better women, friend, mother and human being. And most importantly I am learning to really like myself and except who I am... " (to continue click "Read More)

Jennifer Pitts

"...My coaching experience with Loree has been transformational... I am not the same person I was 6 months ago...I have gained a quiet strength and my confidence has grown exponentially. I feel bold and empowered, more like the person I used to be when I was younger...I keep growing and changing from within and it’s addictive!" (to continue click "Read More")

Angel Aramboles

"...I'm a guy that feels like he can solve problems without help so why would I need a life coach? Now I realize that I should have reached out to Loree sooner. I am grateful. The first and second session changed everything for me..." (to continue click "Read More")

Linda Tremelling

"I have been involved with Loree in life coaching sessions individually and with my husband, as well as group sessions with other ladies... She has been a great asset in my personal life and I feel I’m a more focused woman as a result of working with her." (to continue click "Read More)  

Abby Resch

"Becoming a new mom has been a wonderful journey and a time of huge transition in my life. Needing some assistance in making this transition the most fulfilling...Loree's perspective helped me to see my concerns in a new light... she gave me the tools to take steps to make real changes...(to continue click "Read More)

Sydney Gunn

“Loree can help you with any aspect of your life. I am an athlete and I first went to Loree when I wanted some help with my mental game of golf... She more than exceeded my expectations! Not only did she help me with golf, she helped me improve areas of my life I didn’t even know I was lacking in." (to continue click "Read More")

Ashley Dentino

"Loree is a powerfully insightful and eloquent coach who fully embodies the wisdom she teaches. It’s clear she has a deep understanding of coaching philosophy and a rare capacity to guide clients into the very heart of themselves. Having her hold this space for me over the phone was a transformative and empowering experience."


Susan Lee

"...With Loree I feel safe and comfortable totally being myself because of her non-judgmental attitude. She helps me to clarify a lot of my feelings and desires of what I want to do in my life... (to continue click "Read More")

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Rodney Owens

“…Through the coaching that I have done with Loree I’ve found direction in my life and great value in knowing how to make the best decisions for my life… Loree is an amazing coach and will hold you accountable for your own shit in the most fun and loving way…”

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