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Teen Life Coaching

Educate comes from “educe”, meaning to draw out.

Teachers teach you what you don’t know.
Coaches draw out that which is already within you - something you already know but which may be hidden.

There’s a place for teaching as you cannot draw water from an empty well.

There’s a place for coaching as someone who facilitates a persons innate ability to find answers within their own knowing, intuition, subconscious and/or capacity for reasoning.

Finally! A Teen Life Coaching Course!

Our teens and young adults are struggling with challenges that previous generations didn't have to face. There is clearly a gap between what is being taught with a typical high school curriculum and what teenagers need now to be mentally and emotionally sound, develop a strong value system, and gain an understanding of what they need to do to successfully chart their life path — and avoid getting lost.

My colleague, John Morris, and I developed a course to bridge that gap. Introducing the Teen Life Coaching Course!

Our TLC course aims to be your teenager's compass, helping them uncover their strengths, address their doubts, and amplify their potential. Your teen will better understand  themselves and their aspirations through foundational life subjects, meaningful concepts, and practical exercises.

The TLC course is like a toolkit for life. When your teen embarks on this journey, they'll gain insights from experienced life coaches. The things they'll learn and the skills they'll develop in this course aren't just for high school; they will help them throughout their entire life.

Where to get your hands on this phenomenal course…

If you are homeschooling your high school age child or are a micro school instructor, click here to find out more and how to enroll your student(s).

If you are a public, private, charter, etc; school, contact us here to discuss how to integrate the Teen Life Coaching course into your school curriculum.

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