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Kara B.

"Just six months before my wedding I decided to leave my fiancé (the on-again-off-again, love-of-my-life for the previous 16 years). I was struggling with a lot of confusion and conflicting emotions. In my attempts to sort it all out I tried everything — prayer, meditation, yoga, songwriting, and therapy. 


I found with traditional therapy I ended up just paying someone to listen to me bitch and complain about other people rather than helping me look inward to hopefully learn how to not repeat the same mistakes and routine. I decided to try life coaching, hoping to get a more honest, “homework-driven” technique.


I knew of Loree through a mutual contact so I felt safe trying a session with her. She was someone I knew to be unique to the profession with years of experience. I also knew she wasn’t a push-over and wouldn't be scared to knock me over the head with some knowledge — but with grace!


I gained so much from the work I did in our sessions. I got very good at looking in the mirror rather than pointing fingers. I discovered how much I hide behind my career. That was a big breakthrough for me. She helped me rediscover owning the things I’m responsible for and also not wasting my time waiting for others to change.


I’m now much stronger and happier than I was when I was caught at that crossroads of leaving my fiancé and I’m looking forward to my next relationship with my newly discovered skills.


I love Loree as a coach. The coaching process with her exceeded my expectations in a way I wasn’t expecting. It was a lot more like a “class” then a “session” to me. I found out quickly that I needed to come organized and ready to work — focused and prepared to dig deep. One of the best things about it was feeling I could be entirely frank with her and know there was no judgement while I worked through my thoughts and wild ideas. You could describe my sessions with Loree as great and hard work, yet equaled with a lot of breakthroughs and rewards.


Hold on tight, get organized, and be ready to dig deep when you hire Loree as your coach. Trust her and trust the process. Some sessions get long and tough but those are the best ones to get through as they are the ones that offer the biggest breakthroughs!" 

Kara B.

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