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Hey! I’m Loree.

Holistic Nutritionist, Master Life Coach, award-winning author, and rock-solid  optimist. Yes -- I’m that person who believes the glass is always half full to overflowing.

    This is Nickie.

     She's our Blue Heeler and all around

     lover of life.


At Your Service

Would you like some help with the state of your life?

I’ve been coaching people to better physical & emotional health since 2008. I'm a very independent, deep thinking, love-to-know-what-makes-people-tick, organizing, detail-obsessed woman who loves helping my clients figure their shift out. 

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Your foundation matters! 



Key components of a strong foundation are a healthy mental diet, a healthy eating lifestyle, being emotionally and spiritually fit, and healthy relationships. When we’re performing well in all of these areas our foundation is healthy and stable, enabling us to create and experience a well-loved and well-lived life.


Right this very moment, whether you’re aware of it or not, you have momentum going. The question is, in what direction? 

Were Talking Shift!

Join me on my podcast where I share inspiring stories from experts, doctors, business owners, and other master coaches like myself, who’ve risen to the top of their game and use their knowledge, insight, and skills to help others rise too.


Tune in to the podcast!

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Nutritionist & Life Coaching - it's
ideal combination ...

Good health isn’t limited to the body. Good health must include a healthy mental diet, healthy emotional governance, and a healthy belief in something larger than one’s self.


A sense of peace and happiness is experienced, dietary changes are sustained, and transformation is achieved when we have a healthy relationship with all of these aspects of ourselves. 

I’ve been a coach since 2008 and I love working with clients. I’d love to help you make the shifts in your life that let you experience your vision and idea of health and happiness.   

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