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We're Talking Shift Podcast

I'm  continually developing new projects and learning about things I'm passionate about and feel will bring value to my clients and to the world. My podcast is one way of doing that. 

We're Talking Shift takes you inside the stories of doctors, experts, thought leaders, and spiritual teachers who are devoting themselves to uplifting others through their expertise, work, teachings, services, and most importantly, by their example.  



Join me on my podcast where my guests and I share our knowledge, insight, stories and skills to help you get unstuck and rise to your greatest potential. Our stories, teachings, and the lessons we share will energize and guide you to do the same in your own life!


You'll hear how shifting and “going rogue” can help you discover new meaning and purpose, and become inspired to shift to the next level of your best self.


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The "Antidote to Feeling Stuck" begins by shifting our thinking

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