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Praise from Loree's clients.

Kara Britz 
Blake Shelton Band,
NBC's The Voice 
Vocal Contractor & Arranger

"Just six months before my wedding I decided to leave my fiancé (the on-again-off-again, love-of-my-life for the previous 16 years). I was struggling with a lot of confusion and conflicting emotions. In my attempts to sort it all out I tried everything — prayer, meditation, yoga, songwriting, and therapy... 


Paul Thomas Nichols

"When I began working with Loree I started to feel changes right away. I just kept going back, and I’ve seen her every two weeks for a year and a half......

Lauren Young
Television News Reporter

"Coaching with Loree Bischoff has been the single best decision I’ve ever made for myself. As a woman, a wife, and a mother, I spent nearly a decade putting ..."


Zoel Lopez

"I am in recovery and have attended 12-Step programs and individual therapy sessions. Life coaching was the missing puzzle piece for me in leveling up my life. Thanks to working with Loree I’ve reconnected with hobbies and activities that are once again fulfilling, and I’ve also gained greater spiritual awareness. Loree challenged my old beliefs and helped me identify how they were holding me back from healing the past traumas I experienced. My coaching sessions with Loree over the past eight months have shifted my life in a stronger, healthier way I didn't think was possible."

Amanda Webster

”I’ve been seeing therapists since sixth grade (I'm now 33). I've tried eastern approaches, western approaches, probably the mermaids of the Atlantic approaches! If it's documented, I have tried it. What I found I like the most about being coached by Loree is that she’s 100% non-judgmental tried it....

Amanda headshot.jpg
Josh Rosenbaum

Josh Rosenbaum
Teacher and Coach

"I was spinning my wheels when it came to getting in shape because I didn’t have any kind of a diet plan that would support my goals and my exercise routine. I’ve tried different diets and meal plans in the past. Either the food didn’t taste good or I’d lose weight and then gain it back. I’ve had 20 years of malnutrition.....

Roxanne De La Rosa

"I was already familiar with some of the benefits of coaching. Up until
reaching out to Loree I had not worked with a life coach so

Roxanna De La Rosa
Sven Lindauer.jpg

Sven Lindauer

When I first reached out to Loree, I was at an impasse with my business and personal life. Having been to traditional counselors many years ago, with a "no-result" scenario that left me both frustrated and despondent, I knew that this time around I had to...

Jennifer Pitts

"I felt stuck! I had graduated and become a Life Coach and a Hypnotherapist. I had spent months creating a logo, business card, email signature and png, but I had no idea how to make myself available and start networking to receive clients...

Jennifer Pitts

Camila Romulo

“I must say that Loree is an amazing professional coach and RTT practitioner! I had 3 sessions where she applied the RTT method to induce me into hypnosis to access my subconscious mind, so that we could discover the root cause...

Karrin Bamber

My session with Loree gave me permanent, life-altering confidence and calmness. I had an RTT session with her over two months ago and the previous anxiety that I used to have during challenging work situations just is not there anymore. I am so grateful, work is now easier and much more fun!


Thank you, Loree.


Aimee Martin

I had the immense pleasure of having a RTT session with Loree to address long standing discomfort in areas of self sabotage and fear of failure. Despite my best conscious efforts, the patterns continued to impede my life. Overwhelmed with a lack of clarity, focus, energy...

Jeri Steward-Black

"Loree created a custom retainer package to suit my particular needs and goals. My custom, 30-day coaching package included weekly, one-hour sessions along with the option to contact her between sessions as needed. Awesome! I was able to contact her by email or text for questions on nutritious food choices or any thought that came to mind as the weeks progressed.......


Freddie Maese

"I was blessed to begin my healing and life coaching journey almost 10 years ago alongside Loree. Through the years she's not only served as a sound-minded friend, but her resounding insight led me to begin working with her as my coach to further myself in life......

Bridgett Zehnder

"The first session with Loree was incredible. I came to her with the intent of focusing primarily on my business. In the first coaching session, it became very apparent that I had some groundwork to do. In order to build anything, you must have a firm foundation....


Debbie Lebsock

"My time spent with Loree has changed my life for the best in so many ways. My mental and physical life was going through one of the toughest times. Having been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and starting a brand new business – it was all taking its toll on me.

Angel Aramboles

I have a lot going on in my brain and I am thinking a mile a minute. Mix that in with depression, stress, and self esteem issues rooted from childhood but I thought I could solve things myself.

Angel Aramboles_edited.jpg

Linda Tremelling

"I have been involved with Loree in life coaching sessions individually and with my husband, as well as group sessions with other ladies.....

Sydney Gunn

“Loree can help you with any aspect of your life. I am an athlete and I first went to Loree when I wanted some help with my mental game of golf....


Abby Resch

"Becoming a new mom has been a wonderful journey and a time of huge transition in my life. Needing some assistance in making this transition the most fulfilling, I started seeing Loree as a life coach....

Ashley Dentino

Loree is a powerfully insightful and eloquent coach who fully embodies the wisdom she teaches. It’s clear she has a deep understanding of coaching philosophy and a rare capacity to guide clients into the very heart of themselves. Having her hold this space for me over the phone was a transformative and empowering experience.


Susan Lee

Loree is an energetic, friendly and confident life coach. She has been like a cornerstone to go back to whenever I feel I’m getting overwhelmed with life.... 

Rodney Owens

“Before working with Loree I was at a crossroads with my life. I had been through so many changes in the previous year and had so much confusion about where I had been, where I wanted to go, and how to get there. I tried to see a counselor. Counseling did nothing for me. Each session I would leave more lost and frustrated than when I arrived feeling and that it was going nowhere....

Rodney Owens headshot_edited_edited.jpg
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