About Me

“I’m like having a personal trainer for your life. I help my clients make their mental, emotional, and wellness muscles stronger and more fit so they can experience life in ways that feel great to them." 

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I’ve been coaching since 2008 and I love working with clients. I’d love to help you make the shifts in your life that let you experience your vision and idea of health and happiness.   


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What I do

I refer to my style of coaching as “Personal Performance Coaching.” I work with people who really want to perform well in and at life.

Performing well at your idea of what life is about, and being able to experience it in ways you love necessitates making sure your mental diet, your physical health & diet, and your spiritual diet are well-nourished and fit. Do you believe in something greater than yourself, beyond the physical, the material world? What is life about for you?


Your beliefs and ideas of what life is about motivate your behavior and shape your model of the world — how you choose to see it and be in it, and what you think is possible or not possible.


I’m like having a personal trainer for your life. I help my clients make their mental, emotional, and wellness muscles stronger and more fit so they can experience life in ways that feel great to them.


A key question to ask yourself is, "What’s life about for me?" Not sure? Never really thought about it? You’re not alone. A lot of people haven’t.

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My clients are hunters and they’re hungry for movement, be it getting unstuck, change, sorting through emotional issues, goal setting, getting healthier, etc; and they’re willing to do the work required to achieve that which they’re seeking.


Are you my next client? 


The Hats I Wear...

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Master Life Coach


Recognized as the best training in the industry, I received my Strategic Intervention Coach certification from Robbins-Madanes Training – the foremost life coach training program in the world and the official life coach training of Tony Robbins. 


I received my holistic nutrition certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts – Arizona’s award-winning, nationally accredited, private holistic healthcare college.


In addition I received Life Coach & Advanced Life Coach certifications from SWIHA.


In 2017 I was also one of the life coach instructors for SWIHA's Life Coach Training Program.


We’re Talking Shift podcast 



   Common Sense Happiness    The Foodprint Plan    How To Age Beautifully 

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Married to the love of my life since 1984


Proud mother & mother-in-law to an amazing

daughter, son & daughter-in-law 

Former Model:

But now I just focus on being a model citizen. I endeavor to demonstrate what I value and what I teach.  Integrity is one of my highest values  — I walk my talk. 

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Personal Tidbits:

  • I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the 4th of July.

  • My first job was at 5 years old when mom signed me with an agent and I began modeling. I did professional modeling throughout my childhood and into my late 20’s when I got bored with it. By then I was a mother and a wife and was having too much fun with that to care about modeling anymore. 

  • My first business was at age 14. My best friend and I advertised ourselves as the babysitting team and had regular clients who booked us every week. That business came to an end when we discovered boys and got driver’s license’s. 

  • I dropped out of high school in my senior year. I just wanted to work at my multiple jobs and start living my life my way. 

  • At age 17 I moved into my first apartment with same bestie. At one point I had 4 jobs at the same time and ran from one to the other. It was awesome. 

  • My second business was with same best friend. At age 21 we started our own modeling agency in Minneapolis. That tanked after about a year or so — but it’s where I met my husband so it ultimately served a much higher purpose!


Primary Belief:

I believe that our mental diet (the patterned way we think about things and the habitual thoughts we entertain) manifests our experiences, so in order to change our experiences, we must start by changing our thinking.